Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Assalam Allaikum!

Today, Pakistan more then ever needs to define a historical path to corrections and reforms and energetically rise to the new dawn as a resolute nation state. The determined people of Pakistan are blessed with opportunity and the burning desire to build the country with all their passion and resources. It is Pak SarZameen Party’s resolve to build an economically strong Pakistan and bring the dividends of peace and prosperity to the citizens through good governance and steadfastly maintain sovereignty, to honorably place Pakistan in the international community as am invaluable contributor to global harmony and peace. It is our resolve to break the cumulative hold of self-serving power brokers, vested interests and corrupt systems that have systematically weakened the institutions and brought misery to the country and this is where we would show the difference. PSP is the unique opportunity that will change our fate and of our nation as envisaged by Jinnah & Iqbal.

Pak SarZameen Party wishes to implement crucial and revolutionary changes to our traditional political and governance system. A successful, stable and prosperous Pakistan depends on a civilized and reformed political system with defined rules of the game, backed by a strong commitment from the people of Pakistan for civilian rule supremacy and an efficient pro-presidential form of democratic government with the amalgamation of Local bodies and Devolution Plan that can unite the nation under one national umbrella. It is only through such broad based structural changes in the Constitution that Pakistan could have effective and successful political governments – which can begin to meet the aspirations of its citizens and consolidate political parties towards good governance as the core political agenda. It would be our sincere desire to initiate a constructive debate in order to enlighten the nation of the advantages and strengths of this federal system, so that through the mutual understanding and participation of all denominations and stakeholders, and through constitutional avenues and democratic means a confident and stable Presidential form of government can be introduced.

This will define the path for the ordinary citizens, with due respect to their rights and participation in a resourceful local government with rightful authority and one that encapsulates the true spirit of democracy in practice and spirit in issues that we all face on daily basis.

Pak SarZameen Zindabad. Izzat, Insaf and Ikhteyar Sub Kay Leyay!

Syed Mustafa Kamal
Pak SarZameen Party

Mustafa Kamal