President’s Message

President’s Message

By the Grace of Allah almighty, day by day, PSP is gaining strength and growing it’s network across the Country at an exponential pace.

Apart from our strongholds of Karachi, Hyderabad and Sindh, we have expanded into Balochistan, KPK, GB , Punjab and recently we have also registered our party in Kashmir – all this was only possible with the love and support of common man and the organic support of public.

Despite having all odds against us, the party has survived and stood against the mass pressure of status-quo. Our workers and leadership collided with this pressure on the front foot and the result, by grace of Allah, is that, today each worker and each leadership member in our party is genuine and committed with all honesty to the party’s motive, cause and motto of Syed Mustafa Kamal – Izzat, Insaaf, Ikhteyar.

PSP is against the politics of Ethnicity and we whole-heartedly believe that abolishing the ethnic and religious fault-lines of Pakistan, Karachi & Sindh will result in Peace, Political stability and economic growth of our State.

PSP is the only party who is currently raising its voice and will continue to fight for the actual population census of Karachi City. While all parties are silent on this significant issue, we deem it as our obligation to ensure accuracy in the population count, as counting Karachi wrong serves as basis of all injustice to the residents of the biggest and most populated City of Pakistan. Our battle is not only against the wrong counting of human beings in Karachi, our war is against the entire mindset that becomes a hurdle in stripping public off this basic human right of being counted properly.

On the international front, PSP believes in bilateral relationships with countries based on mutual respect, integrity and trade. PSP believes in a decentralized form of Governance, country-side. Creating and then empowering an immaculate local-body system that delivers to the common man is the need of the hour, without which Good Governance will remain merely a dream.

At the end, I request all of you to join this movement for the betterment of your generations to come. We are gaining momentum and growing day-by-day, I request you all to play your part so that in future you may proudly say you were a part of the movement that changed the fate of Karachi, Sindh and Pakistan.


Anis Ahmed KaimKhani
President – PakSarZameen Party.