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Karachi, February 5: In a major breakthrough that will have far reaching positive impacts on socio-economic and politico-administrative affairs from Karachi to Kashmore, Pak Sarzameen Party and ruling PPP have reached an agreement on local government act under which the provincial government has signed an agreement with PSP to incorporate 98 percent demands of PSP.

After six extensive phases of negotiations, the Sindh government accepted 98% of the demands of PSP. The PPP government in Sindh will legislate the new Local Government law in the Assembly from January 11 to January 18.

Political pundits and the minister for Local bodies Nasir Hussain Shah has termed the agreement as Mustafa Kamal’s triumph. PSP’s latest protest for the local government empowerm is not rare as in 2017, Mustafa Kamal and his party was the pioneer in staging street protests against the local government system, this was endorced by Sindh Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah.
While PSP Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal postponed the sit-in till January 18. He said that a six page agreement was reached between PSP and PPP. The agreement will not only benefit people from Karachi to Kashmore, but the PPP as well. When power and resources are devolved to the people, the rulers earn good reputation and respect. Our demands were made not on the basis of any color, race or language but for the redressal of issues of whole of Pakistan especially of Karachi to Kashmore.

If the fruit of 18th amendment are not enjoyed by the masses then it’ll be snatched from the provincial rulers too.
When powers and resources are transferred to grassroot level, and the fruits of 18th constitutional amendment reach to street level, then no one will stand against PPP and the 18th amendment.
If there is a delay in getting the resources to the people through PFC, then the resources will be transferred to the streets through divisible pool.

About the agreement Kamal said “we will monitor government moves till February 18. We hope that Sindh government will keep the agreement. If the Sindh government does something, then we are free to design our future course of action. In 2017, we were going to the Chief Minister’s House. We were shelled and tortured, those who mocked us then, want to take credit today. We have not lied till date. The mayor’s office belongs to the people. We are asking for the authority and resources for this office. It is a movement that will spread all over Pakistan. PPP workers must also take authority from their ministers.

Ministers, MNAs and MPAs are engaged in cleaning the drains which is not their job description. The rulers will have to share powers as this is not a local issue. Allah as bestowed us that our words in inspiring hearts of all. There were people of all languages ​​in our protest venue and PSP is a ray of hope for the people, now no one will be able to play politics on corpses. Today is Kashmir Day, I want to tell Kashmiris that India had prepared it’s agents in Karachi, the economic lifeline of Pakistan. India used to suppress the voice of Kashmir through blood bath in Karachi. Whenever the independence movement of Kashmir gained momentum, Karachi was bathed in fire and blood. We have fought the war of Kashmir in Karachi.If the state ever waged war for Kashmir, we will not only stand shoulder to shoulder with Kashmiri bothers in their struggle for independence but also shall fight physically.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Pakistan House. President PSP Anis Kaim Khani, members of Central Executive Committee and National Council were also present on the occasion.

Mustafa Kamal further said that how can I thank Allah Almighty that my Allah has given me people whose party has no position, no privileges, yet they are making their sacrifices. The government had to accept our Legitimate demands, we have done it as reverence. We have to bring power to the streets of Karachi and Kashmore. If the school does not provide education and transportation, then the people in street level should have the authority to hold their rulers accountable. When you have the authority, you can hold your representative accountable. But the very authority has not devolved since the 18th Amendment. The town and union council of the province should be empowered. This is the biggest problem of Pakistan. 27% of the total revenue share is being given to Sindh from the federation. We staged the first protest in November from Golimar to Sarjani in District Central, then from Hassan Square in District East to Federal Urdu University.Then we protested in Korangi, Orangi Town and finally in Hassan Square. Then on the same day, the day at the workers convention, it was decided that we will march toward the Chief Minister’s House on January 30. We took permission from the government to hold protest at Fawarah chowk which is at a short distance from the Chief Minister’s House. The Sindh government of the PPP came to us on January 23 at PSP head office, the same day they accepted 70% of our demands.

*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party*