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Karachi, February 8: Pak Sarzameen Party chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday said that the federal government was about to fall under its own weight due to its incompetence, corruption and wrong policies.
He said that the opposition does not need to stage any sit-in to overthrow the government. In the current situation, the country is not running and the stubbornness to run the country under the current system will cause irreparable damage to Pakistan. PSP will not become part of move to overthrow federal government.

Empowerment was not to be limited to the Chief Minister’s House in the 18th constitutional Amendment but for the last ten to twelve years this autonomy has been confined to the Chief Minister’s House and there is no mechanism to devolve powers and resources from the province to the districts. The rulers occupying power and resources based on the 18th amendment are creating tomorrow’s terrorists for their wrong style of governing today.
If the fruits of the 18th Amendment do not reach the people then the 18th Amendment will be taken away from the provincial rulers.
Praise be to Allah Almighty, the politics of devolving power and resources to the lowest level has begun in Pakistan. An agreement has been reached with the government to table our demands in the assembly floor. Workers and officials of all political parties should not beg for roads, water, educational institutions and hospitals from their leadership, rather they must ask them for their authority and resources to build them because Article 140A of the Constitution of Pakistan gives the people the right to seek powers and resources.
He expressed these views while talking to the media outside the accountability court. He further said that digitization of Karachi census is a good process. Everyone knows that the population of Karachi is not 16 million. Accurate distribution of resources depends directly on accurate census. He asked the provincial governments to issue provincial financial commission awards and decide the fund percentage the provincial government would keep and how much would be given to the districts.
He said that the Sindh government has agreed in writing with us that our demands will be made law.
He said that NAB has not arrested any corrupt till date, if powers and resources are devolved to UC level then accountability will take place in the streets, automatically.

*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party*