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Karachi, March 9: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday said that the chronic issues of Pakistan will be resolved not by mere change of governments, but by empowering masses with devolution of powers to the grassroot level, and by strengthening the local government system – the third tier of democracy.

Bilawal Zardari whose party converted Karachi, once known to be the city of lights into Thar desert,has gone to conquer Islamabad as if milk canals are flowing in Sindh.

The no-confidence motion is a power struggle of a some three hundred people, the common people will get nothing from it. The MQM, which came to existence against the quota system, has been in government for 40 years but has not been able to hold a single protest against the quota system. In the current political situation in Pakistan, the supporters of the government and the supporters of the opposition should cease their festive mode. Both sides are deceiving the public.

There is no good in overthrowing the federal government. The conditions of the people will not change. All the political enemies are holding several meetings daily to gain and save power.  The PPP has been in government for the last 13 years. They are waging a so-called rights march against the federation in Islamabad. Government hospitals in Sindh are either locked or doctors and medicine are missing. PPP did not add a new additional drinking water line, There are piles of garbage in Karachi and Bilawal is in Islamabad to overthrow the government. He asked the  Chief Minister Sindh as to what has he done with the funds he received for the province under NFC? First give account of this and then ask the federation for the rights.
A few days ago, the Prime Minister of Pakistan in his speech in South Punjab said that he would bring a resolution of South Punjab province in the Parliament, vowing to expose  those who oppose the move. If South Punjab was so important, then the prime minister should have brought the resolution and exposed the opposition in the first month of his government. Fake census was enforced on Karachi and official seal was affixed and MQM remained a silent spectator and abettor. Muttahida also made the new census controversial by accepting the Lollypop of new census. The foundation of Hyderabad University was laid in the Prime Minister’s House Islamabad, but Kamal asked question as to why any progress on this project was not made for which sweets were distributed? PTI kept giving Lollypop of fake announcements to Muttahida and they kept giving the same Lollypop to their workers and voters. For the last four years,  the government has been talking about opening Nine Zero and other offices of MQM. Even today, Muttahida will not talk to the Prime Minister for public rights but will only talk about opening their offices so that again the politics of fear can take the muhajirs in their stride. But the fact is,  now no one will be afraid of the doors and walls of Nine Zero۔ The  closed offices can no more save your rule, and style of politics. Mustafa Kamal and Anis Kaim Khani stand with the citizens. We restrained the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder and proved to the muhajirs that he is coward who is coming to his logical end.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Pakistan House. President PSP Anis Kaim Khani and other officials were also present on the occasion. He further said that every political activist should ask his respective party leadership for power and resources for his area as change would come from this. He said that the solution to Pakistan’s problem is in the three constitutional amendments. He said the authority and method of accountability of the local government should be written in the constitution like that of the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers.
It should be written in the constitution that the NFC received by the provinces should be linked with PFC and development funds should be given through divisible pool. The Constitution of Pakistan should state that elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies will not take place unless there is an elected local government.

He said, it is written in the advertisement of government jobs that candidates of Karachi do not qualify for the said post. He said MQM never stage any strike on this genuine issue. He said this March marks the 6th anniversary of PSP’s establishment, and muhajirs have benefited the most from formation of PSP. After our homecoming, the scourge of targeted killings ended in this city.Citizens breathed a sigh of relief. For the first time since our arrival in this city, politics beyond ethnicity began. PSP washed away the stain of being an anti-national, and RAW agents on the muhajirs. The PSP made muhajirs friends with Sindhis, Balochs, Seraikis, Pakhtuns, Punjabis and reunited them with their brothers. My question to the muhajirs politicians and their supporters is whether this style of politics is better or the same muhajir politics in which both the killer and the victim were muhajirs? PSP is better or the same politics in which muhajir was only arrested or disappeared and became a RAW agent. I can prove that as long as MQM exists, muhajirs can never prosper. “Whoever has to debate with me, I am ready for everyone.” PSP chief said.
He said that PSP would prove by holding a grand rally on March 27 at District Central Tanki Ground that the city now belongs to PSP.

“I appeal to all living in Karachi not to sit in their homes, do join us for the betterment of yourself and your future generations! There is no other option now except PSP.”
*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party*