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Rapid urbanisation changes Pakistan’s demography, gives freedom to the oppressed people from feudalism: Kamal

Rapid urbanisation changes Pakistan’s demography, gives freedom to the oppressed people from feudalism: Kamal

KARACHI, December 28: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that rapid urbanisation during the last 50 years has not only changed the demography of the country but also given real freedom to the oppressed people from the cruel feudal and tribal system.


Today the urban population of Pakistan is 60-65% and the proportion of rural population is at 30-35%. The rapid urbanisation has protected the people from the clutches of feudalism, injustice, and oppression, and a silent revolution was expected to take place in Pakistan, but the anti state elements have created barriers, through hatching conspiracies.


The feudal lords and Sardars in assemblies did not allow the population to be counted honestly because if the census were to be done correctly, the seats in the National and Provincial Assemblies would have to be increased by the same proportion. This would make the ordinary people of Pakistan to become rulers.


The elites of Pakistan are well aware of the fact that with rapid urbanisation, power would pass from the hands of the elites to the ordinary people. Since feudal lords, Sardars, Waderas, and Khans use to rule their own villages and goths, they control the people by controlling the police, water and land, they fear that their cruel rule will come to an end, if transparent census were carried out.


Kamal said, sometimes the Waderas would disconnect the water supply of the oppressed people and sometimes they would control them by registering fake FIRs. But it is difficult to register fake FRs in cities, the media is free, here the feudal lords and rural chiefs cannot oppress the people as they used to do in villages and remote areas. Therefore, the proponents of dynastic politics, for fear of their government going into the hands of the helpless and oppressed people, misrepresent the census so that the rule remains in their families.


He expressed these views while addressing a corner meeting held at 5C-1 and 5C-3 in District Central, North Karachi, Sector 4.


He further said that the census data in Karachi, the economic lifeline of Pakistan, was not accurately recorded, adding that the population of Pakistan, especially Karachi, was misrepresented in the 2017 census. He said the MQM was mandated by the people to recover the missing persons in the last general elections and it has utterly failed to serve the city and protect its rights.


When MQM joined the PTI-led federal government as allie, they did not bother to ask the people, because they had to enjoy ministries and so they did, but now when it comes to hide their criminal negligence and failure to defend the rights of Karachi, and letting the federal cabinet approve the controversial results, it was shamelessly hinting at going to the public, for whom it has no sympathy at all. MQM has lost its moral and political base to go into the public. The incumbent federal government has also failed like the provincial government of Sindh. There is no difference between Imran Khan and the previous rulers.


The rulers should not boast promises that are beyond their reach. Imran Khan should respect his portfolio and at least maintain silence, besides he should have to check on the performance of his incompetent ministers, instead of making political statements.”They are now making lame excuses to go to the people. The people are ready to greet MQM Lawmakers with shoes in their hands.” Kamal said.


The PTI, the PPP and the MQM are bothered about only vested powers, even at the cost of people. Both have deceived the public by hollow and empty slogans, but in this modern age of social media, the truth can’t be kept secret rather it spreads faster.


There are no less than 30 million people in Karachi. Three days ago, the PTI, with the help of the MQM, stabbed Sindh in the back by approving the fake census with the approval of the cabinet.


PSP is fighting the case of Karachi, and urged the people to add their voice with PSP voice.

“We will continue to inform the people about the real facts and the exploitation of their rights,” PSP chief said.


He further said that the people of the country are left with no other option except PSP, we are aware of the reforms that can solve the people’s problems according to the ground realities, Kamal said.


“We can create such a system that will help those who come after us to fulfill their responsibilities and provide the people with a solution to their problems at their doorstep.

PSP will not tolerate this oppression of the people under any circumstances. It will continue to inform the people about the truth and will go to any extreme length to safeguard the rights of Urban Sindh.