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Indifferent Government, ineffective opposition neglected Karachi: Kamal

Indifferent Government, ineffective opposition neglected Karachi: Kamal

KARACHI, December 30: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal said that the government has no public package while the opposition does not even know its role.


Public welfare work has been taken over by Saylani and other social organizations while it was the responsibility of the government.


The MQM is looking for a reason to intact itself with the government after getting the anti-people census results approved by the cabinet. He asked the government and the opposition to stop drama.


If you have strong reservations with the government, resign and bring down the government. “They are all in backdoor contact with each other.” Kamal said.


The ongoing treatment with Karachi as an occupied territory is unacceptable. Karachi is not an enemy territory, but the economic lifeline of Pakistan.


The government and the state should consider Karachi as their own and stop treating it like a stepmother. Imran Khan, like his other decisions, should take a u-turn on this decision and cancel this census results. If the controversial census decision is not withdrawn, every single worker of PSP will protest. Sindh is the worst place for human beings to live.


While Sindh still has a feudal system where oppression of the people has reached its peak, a large part of the rural population has migrated to the cities. Now 55% of the population of Sindh lives in Karachi. However, the census of Karachi and Hyderabad was miscalculated and under-represented . For God’s sake, don’t play number 2 in this issue.


These views were expressed by PSP chief while talking to the media at a blood collection camp which was arranged for Thalassemic patients (children) by PSP Medical Aid and PSP Foundation in collaboration with Saylani Welfare Trust here.


He further said that Bhutto’s prejudiced quota system is still in place which is increasing hatred between Sindhi and Urdu speakers against each other. This has exacerbated the feeling of deprivation. He advised the  rulers to embrace the people of the muhajir community. They are the children of the  founding fathers  of Pakistan. Do they still have to give a certificate of patriotism?


“I am ready to go and talk to everyone except the hypocrites.”

He said that the headquarters of important institutions have been shifted from this city and now the headquarters of PIA is being shifted.


Kamal said these measures are creating a sense of deprivation among the citizens, which will be used by anti-state elements to make terrorists assaults against Pakistan. The government and the state first create terrorists and then carry out operations to catch them. Therefore, for the security of the country, it is necessary to avoid measures that promote hatred and prejudice.


 He said that thalassemia is a deadly disease. We salute all the social organizations that are doing good deeds today. PSP volunteers donate blood to Sailani Welfare Foundation for children with thalassemia and today is the second phase of PSP Medical Aid and PSP Foundation donating blood for children with thalassemia.


He said that the workers of PSP are increasingly participating in good deeds which are possible due to special grace by Allah Almighty.


A large number of workers, including Chairman Mustafa Kamal, President Anis Kaim Khani, Central Executive Committee, National Council, in-charges of all districts, donated blood for children with thalassemia.