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Parties showing false sympathies betrayed Karachiites: Kamal

Parties showing false sympathies betrayed Karachiites: Kamal

KARACHI, JAN 02: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Saturday said that the so-called political parties showing false sympathies towards Karachi have done nothing, but in fact betrayed Karachiites.


Weather the PTI, which used to chant empty slogans as ‘PM should be from Karachi’ or MQM which had run its entire election campaign on 7,00, 000 of missing people, the political parties have made Karachi as source of grabbing power, but once come into the government, they forget the metropolitan city, and betrayed its citizens.

We have to stand up for our own rights, as unjust with Karachi is unjust with the rest of the country. It is not a city of any single ethnic group, but rather individuals from all sub nationalities live here.


It’s the moral duty of every Sindhi speaking individual that he should raise voice and not let the rights of the provincial capital being robbed at the hands of a tyrant ruling elite. Karachi earns over 90 percent revenue to the provincial kitty. Those who can’t count its population honestly and correctly, they are enemies of Pakistan, they want to destroy this city. It would be understandable when a hostile country was involved behind such conspiracies against Karachi, the economic lifeline of Pakistan, but unfortunately it’s our own government and the state indulged.


There is an unjust occupation over the rights of Karachi and Sindh. Hundreds of thousands of Sindhi’s, Pukhtun, Muhajir, Sindhi’s, Punjabis, Baloch, Saraiki, Kashmiris, Bangolis, Giligiti, and Hazarawal are settled in the port city.


The acknowledgement of the government’s decision of controversial census results is meant to acknowledge that Karachi has no issues pertaining to water, sanitation, education, healthcare, employment, and infrastructure.


The population of Karachi is no less than 25.75 million. From this ratio 1240 million gallons of water (MGD) is required out of which 660 million gallons are currently being received. There is a shortfall of about 580 million gallons per day. The requirement will be 800 million gallons per day followed by another 140 million gallons.


Citizens of Karachi are not getting water, jobs, development funds anyway. Even if PFC award is launched now, Karachiites will not get their due share.

The people living in the rural areas of Sindh had pinned hopes that they would be freed from the clutches of landlords and Waderas, with the increase in urban population, national and provincial assemblies seats would be shifted to cities. A silent revolution was taking place, but that was blocked by the enemies of the country’s development.


55%  population of Sindh lives in Karachi. By this ratio, Karachi should have 50 seats in the National Assembly and 90-95 seats in the Provincial Assembly. Then whoever has to rule in Sindh, must win from Karachi. And that means, we have to rid this city from the politics of hatred, arms, and rampant corruption once and for all to put the country on the real path of change and progress.