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PSP to hold grand public rally on Controversial census approval

PSP to hold grand public rally on Controversial census approval

KARACHI, January 3, 2021: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday announced that his party will hold a grand protest rally on Sunday, January 10, here against the final approval of the controversial census results 2017, saying that Karachi, the economic lifeline and home to all sub-nationalities is being subjugated to worst animosity by governments both in province and the federation.


Addressing a press conference at Pakistan House, he said that the census results suggest that the population of Lahore has increased whereas the population of Karachi despite rapid migration from all the parts of the country has been ironically reduced for the reason best known to the players.


The MQM with its 7 NA seats could have averted the federal government from making this unjust and cruel decision. Both PTI and MQM have stabbed in the back of Karachiites by approving the federal cabinet’s unilateral decision. Kamal warned that the rally is the first phase of the PSP-led protests. If it does not make the rulers realize what grave injustice they have done to Karachi, then it would be acceptable for him to die. “It is not acceptable for us to let the tyrant rulers rob the rights of this city,” Kamal said.  “We will go to any extent to ensure a correct recount of the census,” he said Propaganda was spread against us that PSP is a dry clean, but now MQM leaders are getting dry cleaned by extending their illegitimate support to the federal government. Both MQM and PTI have a problem with workers to get dry clean but not  with leaders because workers are meant to die while leaders of the same party are necessary for the survival of the failed federal government. 


The extreme of hypocrisy is the notion that those who joined PSP from MQM remained filthy, while those in government are pious enough.  We have asked them many times to provide a list of filthy people, but the opponents couldn’t! The MQM is equally complicit in the PTI’s crime. If the MQM had seriously  put pressure about leaving the government, the federal government was left with no chance but to reverse its decision. On the other hand, MQM knows that as soon as it parted ways with the PTI-led federal government. The fate of its entire leadership including ministers would be jail. There are serious cases and allegations against the entire leadership including Mayor Wasim Akhtar and Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui.  The Chief Justice of Pakistan himself said on record that the population of Karachi is around 30 million. 


Kamal asked when the 2018 general elections can be held on the last census, why not the local local bodies elections? We do not think that local bodies elections will be held any sooner. Unfortunately, all the self proclaimed democratic parties have never held local bodies elections. The results of the census cannot be finalized without a 5% audit of the census. People from all schools of thought and walks of life living in Karachi should join the PSP protest along with their loved ones and relatives. This is not the time to just talk and condemn, he said.The party president Anis Qaim Khani and other central leaders were also present on this occasion. 


Kamal further said that the protest rally would start at Nursery, Shahra-e-Faisal and would end at Karachi Press Club where people would ask the conscienceless rulers to disapprove Karachi census. All the dignitaries, philanthropists and people of Sindh are requested to unite and support us in this issue.  “We appeal to the people of Pakistan, PSP is the only solution to the problems, support us and change the situation,” PSP chief said.  In a city where people from all over the country come and settle and use resources, but the ruling elite becomes breathless when it comes to counting them correctly. If we are counted correctly, our seats in parliament and provincial assembly of Sindh will increase many fold, we will get new leadership, the economic system will improve, and the distribution of resources will be carried out on equal footings. oppressed people liberated from the clutches of the feudal lords of Sindh and the Chaudhrys and Sardars of the Punjab, these people opted to settle in the cities now. 


Karachi is home to a large number of speakers of Sindhi, Seraiki, Punjabi, Baloch and other languages. “I have been the mayor of Karachi, I am aware of the need for water, health, education and transport,” Kamal said adding civic amenities have to be provided on the basis of census.  The federal government has abolished the local government system in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the constitution says that the first tier of democracy is the local government system. 


People are very disappointed with Imran Khan. The PTI chief minister fired 56,000 councilors and the PML-N chief does not even talk about the expulsion of his 56,000 councilors, 56,000 councilors were expelled but Nawaz Sharif did not utter any single word in this regard. Whoever challenges Imran Khan, the NAB goes after him. The Supreme Court has stated many times what is the performance of NAB?  In Sindh, the PPP talks of a revolution against the federation in a game of friendly opposition, whereas we will bring the real revolution against PPP, Kamal concluded.