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Karachi is neglected by center, province despite contributing major chunk of revenue to the national kitty: PSP chief

Karachi is neglected by center, province despite contributing major chunk of revenue to the national kitty: PSP chief

KARACHI, JAN 7: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Thursday said that Karachi – the economic lifeline of Pakistan generates 95% and 70% of revenue to the Sindh province and the rest of country, respectively, but the irony of the fact is that neither provincial nor the federation are ready to provide due socio-economic, and administrative rights to the port city dwellers.


Even the population of Karachi was intentionally under-represented in the 2017 Census and despite strong reservations from PSP and all the people of this city, the PTI-led federal government with collaboration of MQM approved the controversial results, thereby thrashing the economic juglar of the country.


PSP will not let the census to be hijacked through political hypocrisy at any cost and would go to any length to protect the rights of the masses Also,he said Karachi is not the city of just any single ethnic group, religion or cast, but it is home to all sub-nationalities, religions and schools of thought in the country.


He said every individual citizen of the metropolis regardless of his religio- ethnic identification and political affiliation should come forward and voice for the rights of Karachi. Oppression with Karachi is oppression with all sub nationalities, religions and sects of Pakistan. Karachi owns everyone and now is the time to own Karachi. It’s the moral and political obligation of all Karachiites to come out of their homes on Sunday, January 10 join hands with PSP to stop the oppression against them by exposing those who are hell bent upon bargaining at the cost of the port city dwellers. Karachi is the only city where people from all over the country come and settle.


Fed up with the oppression of the feudal lords of Sindh, huge numbers of people from the rural areas have migrated to Karachi and settled here. The corrupt and dishonest rulers become breathless to count urban Sindh’s population accurately as they fear if Karachiites are counted correctly, not only will Karachi’s seats in the National and Provincial Assemblies will increase many folds, new leadership will be found, the economic system will be better, and the equitable resources distribution would be ensured, but also whole of Pakistan will benefit from it.


While the wrong census and under representation of the population will only favor the anti state elements, the consequences of which will be borne by the entire country.


He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of the office bearers of different departments at Pakistan House. President PSP Anis Kaim Khani and other central officials were also present on the occasion.


Mustafa Kamal further said that the honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan has rightly said on record that the population of Karachi is no less than 30 million.


We request Imran Khan to withdraw the decision on census result, and take his favorite U-Turn on this very move like the previous ones.

Kamal questioned if the 2018 general elections can be held on the last census, why not the local bodies elections?


“We do not think that local bodies elections will be held in near future as unfortunately, the so-called democratic parties have never held local bodies elections.


He said  the Census results cannot be approved without conducting an audit of 5 percent of the total headcounts.