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PSP Supremo opposes Govt’s move to repeal 18th constitutional amendment.

PSP Supremo opposes Govt’s move to repeal 18th constitutional amendment.

KARACHI, JAN 10: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday vehemently opposed the federal government’s efforts to repeal the 18th Amendment. Also, he lashed out at the provincial governments, saying that the incompetent and corrupt rulers under the garb of provincial autonomy have become authoritative and continued to usurpe all the powers and resources that should have been devolved to the union council levels for the larger pubic interest and welfare.

Kamal said the fruits of the 18th Amendment have not reached the people, they are neither aware of the 18th Amendment nor do they care about repealing it.

Through the 18th Amendment, resources were shifted from federation to the provinces,  but then all powers and resources were taken over by the Chief Ministers of the provinces and the powers and resources were not devolved to the lowest level. Under the 18th Amendment, each sector  and department had to be empowered with autonomy, but the corrupt rulers did not let that happen. 

If these powers and resources were transferred to cities, villages and streets, the country would move towards rapid development, not only would public problems be solved, but infrastructure would be improved and the wheel of the economy would turn faster. But Pakistan’s conscienceless rulers do not want to see anything beyond their vested interests.

If the 18th Amendment had been implemented in its true spirit, there would have been no better amendments than this one.

He expressed these views while addressing an online training session of workers from Pakistan House. PSP believes in implementing the 18th Amendment in its true spirit where the powers are devolved from the 4 Chief Ministers to the lowest level.