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Kamal warns the Govt to listen to the decree of Karachi on controversial census.

Kamal warns the Govt to listen to the decree of Karachi on controversial census.

KARACHI, January 17: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday asked the rulers to carefully listen and witness the decision of Karachi today in the grand rally and protest demonstration against the approval of controversial census, and then decide whether “you count us correctly, or else we would come to you to make you count us correctly”?

Today’s rally and demonstration is just a trailer. If the census is not carried out accurately, we will shut down the city. We will stage sit-ins all across the city till the demand is approved. We will make it difficult for the rulers to even walk through the city. “Give us our right. The state has been afraid to count us accurately for the last seventy years, I will not remain silent, I will fight till the last breath,”

“Mustafa Kamal refuses to step back because you are creating tomorrow’s terrorists today by increasing the sense of deprivation in Pakistan’s economic lifeline and then when they take any step out of frustration, you will start their encounter.” he said

PSP chief said this while addressing his party’s grand rally against the final approval of the controversial census. The rally began from Shahrah-e-Faisal near Nursery bridge and culminated after a demonstration at Karachi Press Club. Tens of thousands of people including women and children attended the rally to give their consent against the approval of the controversial census results.

This fake census suits the PPP, it will never conduct a proper census because if the census is carried out correctly then the PPP government will be overthrown from Sindh. The federal government of PTI is surviving because of PPP. Imran Khan did not do a single work in the city but Mustafa Kamal never called the Prime Minister selected and incompetent. We neither joined PDM nor did standing in the PDM meetings, Kamal did not cursed you.

The leadership of PTI Sindh is not loyal to Imran Khan. Moreover, Imran Khan has allied with the thieves who will continue to change their loyalties for their vested interests. Tomorrow, they will partner Zardari if he comes to power, and will begin cursing you the day your government finishes. Kamal asked Imran Khan as to whom he has been encircled with?

Kamal asked the PM to withdraw the decision on census, and take a positive U-Turn in favor of the masses. “I urge the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the census for God’s sake. He requested the Chief Justice to ask for the NADRA data, compare the same with the voters list from the Election Commission, it will make everything clear.  The Prime Minister should not approve this illegitimate census, we are demanding that this census be declared controversial, because if it does not happen, the next seven generations will not be counted correctly. Both the PTI and the MQM have struck a deal at the cost of the people of Karachi.

In a veiled reference to MQM, Kamal said they are making false claims of approaching the Supreme Court. If they were sincere enough to Karachi, they would have offered resistance in the cabinet before the results were approved. Who are they befooling? This drama should stop now.

The record of NADRA and the statement of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court testify that the population of Karachi is no less than 30 million.

PPP has received thousands of billions of rupees from the federal government but no development work has been done in Sindh including Karachi. Karachi has been made the worst city in the world. People have no expectations from the PPP that it will bring revolution. It has destroyed the whole of the province. Considering that PM Imran Khan would not approve the controversial census results, PSP did not extend its support to the anti-government alliance – PDM. Kamal asked the PM to take his most favorite ‘U-Turn’ on the decision of the cabinet on census.

Allah has now given the very task of protection of this city’s rights to PSP, Karachi is the economic lifeline of the country. Karachi city is home to 50% of the people of Sindh province. If the census is done correctly, the population of Karachi at present stands at 55%. Now a silent revolution is taking place. The suppressed population of rural Sindh is fast moving to cities to get themselves freed from clutches of the tyrant rulers. Kamal said 30% population of the province lives in goths, and 70% in the cities, however around 80 percent of the candidates are winning from the slots designated to the rural Sindh which is unjust.

He said that the time has come for the end of those who have been robbing the rights of Karachi for the last 40 years on the basis of creed and color. Karachi is posing a pathetic look, transport system is awkward and the government remained failed to give a viable transport system, civic infrastructure is dilapidated, roads and streets are damaged, healthcare and education is poor, water and gas are are not available, doors for the employment have been closed on the already inflation hit masses.  

Despite all these grim situations Karachiites remained silent but now Karachi will not remain silent on the issue of their underrepresented headcount results. 30 million people in this city will go to any length. Every single child, young, old and women will grab the rulers, and make sure their counting accurately.

He further said that on the day the MQM seceded from the government, all of them would be arrested. The under arrest terrorists have mentioned Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui’s name in JIT that he had sent them to India for terrorism training.