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PSP maintains positive politics regardless of the federation’s incompetence: Kamal

PSP maintains positive politics regardless of the federation’s incompetence: Kamal

KARACHI, January 19,2021: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Tuesday said that despite all the incompetency’s of the federal government,  PSP has maintained a positive politics.

“We did not become part of the PDM movement nor did we criticize the government, standing with PDM, because we believe we should pin hope for a while In the wider interest of the country’s economic lifeline,” Kamal said.

PSP chief urged the Prime Minister Imran Khan to  withdraw the decision of approval of the controversial census and let this controversial census remain controversial as it was for the past three years, otherwise if the people of Karachi took matters into their own hands, provincial government and federation will not be able to blame anyone.

The people of Karachi question that Kashmir has been controversial for the past 70 years because if it is accepted, the issue will never be resolved. Similarly, why this census cannot be kept controversial, the issue of a new census will come after that and local bodies elections should be held on the basis of the previous census.

The tragedy of Prime Minister Imran Khan is that he has joined hands with the MQM’s turncoat terrorists who have already sold the country to India, and today if Asif Zardari offers two ministries, they will obviously sell Imran Khan to the PPP.

He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of members of the Central Executive Committee and National Council, Departments and District Incharges at Pakistan Houses. Syed Mustafa Kamal further said that PPP has plundered the rights and resources of the people of Sindh. By reducing the population of Karachi, PTI has imposed PPP and waderas on the people of Sindh for many decades to come. It is clear that the PTI-led federal government is actually providing support to the PPP in Sindh while the PPP is facilitating PTI’s led Federal government.

We will see the attitude of the rulers on the census for a few days and then we will hold sit-ins in every area of the city.

Kamal said if the government despite witnessing the mammoth public rally against the approval of census turns deaf ear and blind eye over the issue, people would take to streets, and the government will be responsible for any untoward situation.

 “We are ready to die. If the government and the state want to kill the citizens of Pakistan, I will stand in the forefront with the people. If the government fires bullets, we will not back down,” Kamal said.

He asked every youth, elderly men, women and children of Karachi, irrespective of language, color, race, religion and sect, should prepare to make the government count them correctly.

PSP will announce the future course of action very soon, he concluded.