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PSP chief censures Jeay Sindh for pro-Moodi slogans at a rally

PSP chief censures Jeay Sindh for pro-Moodi slogans at a rally

Karachi, Jan 21: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal strongly condemned the anti-Pakistan slogans and chants in favor of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Jeay Sindh rally in Sun Sindh.

Expressing deep concerns over the alarming development, he termed it as a result of corrupt, incompetent, nepotistic and gross bad governance of the PPP led provincial government, a party which has been ruling over the province for the last three decades.

 Sense of deprivation among the masses who have been suppressed in the clutches of the landlords is deepening with each passing day as they have been left starved, deprived of clean drinking water, health, education and employment. The PPP’s criminal silence on this grim situation is not only incomprehensible, but the silence at this act will be considered the PPP’s silent support in this regard.

For the last four years, Kamal said “we have been asking the state that only the enemies like Altaf Hussain take advantage of the growing sense of deprivation among the youth, “These enemies use the sentiments of innocent youth of the country by making them terrorists, while living in exile in developed countries but the affected youth either fall prey to the bullets of the law enforcement agencies or get hanged to death, which people like Altaf Hussain take advantage of to poison the youth of the nation with ethnicity and bigotry, as a result, an unending cycle of terrorism continues.

With the 18th constitutional amendment, where the powers and resources were to devolve to the Union Council and lead to the welfare of the people, but the Chief Minister of the province has seized the powers and resources of local bodies set up. That is why the PPP predominated by feudal lords, does not allow the census of urban Sindh to be valid in order to reward a few political families.

 Kamal said PPP has snatched basic human rights from Karachi to Kashmore under the slogan of bread, cloth and shelter. Government employees and resources are being exploited as if they are personal employees and resources of some potential individuals in the province.

There is an urgent need for the federal government to set up a Provincial Finance Commission on the lines of the National Finance Commission, so that powers and resources are transferred to the lowest level and the growing sense of deprivation among the people can be eradicated.

State institutions should take notice of the rallies being held in Sindh, diagnose the root cause of the problems and play their role in providing facilities to the public at large. Pak Sarzameen Party will not allow anyone to manipulate the youth of Sindh, each and every worker of PSP is working for the unity, peace and prosperity of the country and we won’t let anyone damage the peace of the province and country.