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Pashtoons parting ways with PM, CMs parties, joining PSP

Pashtoons parting ways with PM, CMs parties, joining PSP

Karachi, January 24: Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday said that the Pashtun community across Pakistan is parting ways with political parties of the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers and joining the PSP.

Pakistan Peoples Party is responsible for the catastrophic situation from Karachi to Kashmore. It is very easy to become the Prime Minister and Chief Minister through the politics of hatred, but to cultivate love by tearing down the wall of hatred between different nationalities is the true reverence. The world is exploring the universe, and stepping on the moon and we have not been able to lift the garbage of the country’s largest city. We are suffering from water scarcity and sewerage problems, the city that contributes 70% revenue to Pakistan and 90% to Sindh is being destroyed.

The rulers are also afraid of counting the people of this city correctly. The doors of education and employment have been closed for the domicile holders of Karachi. Karachi is a mini Pakistan, the destruction of Karachi is the destruction of Pakistan. Despite Prime Minister, Chief Minister, and officers on key slots, our situation is getting worse day by day. After every election, there is hope that things will get better, but unfortunately this does not happen.

This grim situation exposed those who play media championship are actually not aware of the problems of this country and its economic lifeline, and do not know the solution.

Allah Almighty has bestowed Mustafa Kamal the knowledge to build this city, beautify it and create ease for Allah’s creatures. “I have invested Rs. 30,000 crore on this city which has been recognized by the world. Apart from us, no one else can solve the problems of Pakistan including Karachi.”

PSP wants to win such an election through which every nationality of Pakistan can succeed and their basic problems can be solved at their doorstep. Today, Pakhtun youth are the vanguard of PSP, he said.

PSP chief said this while  addressing the participants of a large public gathering held at Akakhel Chowk after the inauguration of the PSP office at Madina colony,  UC 30 Scheme 33, Gulzar Hijri.

Today, even the worst opponent of Mustafa Kamal cannot doubt his honesty and dedication.

“I kicked out the portfolio at a time when the smallest punishment for raising voice (against Altaf Hussain) in this city was death,” he added. 

Mustafa Kamal does not live in a glass house, “I have no plot or petrol pump. Mustafa Kamal is a common man that is the reason he has a complete understanding of the problems of common man and their solutions . Politicians in Pakistan have divided the people for the sake of their politics. This has been going on in Pakistan for seventy years. Millions of people have been killed on the basis of color and race. Neither the victim knows why he is being killed nor the killer knows why he is killing others.

Because of this oppression, Allah Almighty has imposed oppressive rulers on us as a punishment. I want an election that will not only some people but my entire nation succeed, the basic problems of my nation can be solved at their doorstep. With each passing day, the nation’s trust in us is growing and that is why today the Pakhtun youth have become the vanguard of the PSP. The nation saw that we have been sticking to what we have been saying since day one. PSP is fighting for the survival of the generations, so we will go to any lengths in the case of the census, he concluded.