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PSM employees will not pay the price of its administration’s failure.

PSM employees will not pay the price of its administration’s failure.

Karachi, Jan 27: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday said that the employees of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) will not bear the burden of failure of those running the PSM.

The forcibly sacked employees are not responsible for the steel mills’ destruction, rather PSM’s losses are the result of bad governance and incompetence.

The government is giving NROs to a few incompetent and corrupt individuals of the ruling elite by placing the burden of their incompetence, corruption and nepotism on thousands of workers of the country’s one of the largest public entities.

We are not asking the PM Imran Khan for 10 million jobs as he had promised to the masses, but he has to respond by making unemployed those who were already employed.

Is this the state of Madinah of Prime Minister Imran Khan? Kamal posed a question. He said new steel mills are emerging in the private sector and making excellent profits, but the state-owned steel mills is not only in deficit but also collapsed, which proves that the problem is not with the employees of the PSM but with incompetent and corrupt rulers.

Imran Khan as the head of the government should be afraid from the curse of thousands of unemployed, hunger and poverty-hit families.

He said currently demand for steel is increasing day by day and the government is astonishingly laying off employees instead of improving the affairs of PSM.

He expressed these views while talking to the media after participating in a sit-in in Steel Town held in front of Chairman Steel Mills House.

PSP Chief attended the protest to express solidarity with the sacked employees and their families.

Senior Vice Chairman Ashfaq Ahmed Mangi, Member National Council Maqbool Abro, Member Lawyers Forum’s Ibrahim Abro, District Malir President Azeem Memon, President Labor Federation Pakistan Nadeem Khan were also present on the occasion.

Syed Mustafa Kamal further said that closure of institutions is not the solution to the problems, the government should create more job opportunities by making the steel mills profitable by improving the administrative affairs through better and competent people. The same steel mills were previously profitable with the same employees and it’s past glory can still be restored.

Expressing solidarity with the forcibly dismissed employees and their families, Kamal added “We have come to tell you that we are with you in your grief, we do not have the administrative powers but we can raise your concerns to the power corridors,”

I warn the incumbent government that these people are ready to go to any length for their due rights. We are not asking for new jobs, we are just asking to restore these institutions.