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Karachi, February 01: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Tuesday said that in 2017, a 19-day sit-in was staged by PSP at the Karachi Press Club for the establishment of local government under 2001 Act. The party also held protestsl with mothers and sisters on Shahra-e-Faisal for the rights of the people. Faced shelling, and arrests of entire leadership for the very cause. Our opponents who made fun of us that time are taking credit of the same issue today. It’s because of our 6 years of struggle that today our demands have become the demand of every Pakistani and the need of every political parties. If the Sindh government gives all the departments to the local government but does not give them finance to run them, then its nothing but eye wash.

Every citizen needs education, health, sanitation, roads and the right and powers to build and repair them. This is the victory of our ideology and the success of our political struggle. Our demands are matter of national security. Administrative affairs of the country cannot be run without the establishment of economically empowered local governments. We will call off sit-in only if PFC is given to local bodies under a formula. The real issue is to decide the formula of annual distribution of Rs. 1200 billion to the Sindh government so that no district from Karachi to Kashmore has to beg from the province just like the provinces do not have to beg for money from the federation because the provinces get money under the same formula, the district will have to give money from the provinces under the same formula. When this happens, a revolution will take place in Pakistan and the security situation in the country, including the economy, will improve.
He expressed these views while talking to media on the third day of sit-in at Fawarah Chowk. A large number of members of Central Executive Committee, National Council and staff including President PSP Anis Kaim Khani were present on the occasion. Syed Mustafa Kamal further said that we are not doing traditional politics and we are not playing any points scoring. That is why we not only unconditionally supported the sit-in of Jamaat-e-Islami but even said that we are ready to sit under their flag when they need us.
In developed world, rights and resources are devolved to the grassroot level for the greater public welfare, and wellbeing.

The Constitution of Pakistan also ensures the provision of powers and resources at the grassroots level which the so-called democratic rulers do not follow themselves. 56% of the resources come from the federation to the provinces through the NFC award but the powers and resources are not being transferred from the provinces to the lower level. The people have been deprived of the right to rule. PSP is striving for the rights and their very right to rule.

*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party*