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Karachi, February 9: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday said that the workers and sympathizers of all political parties of Pakistan and especially the ruling parties instead of demanding water, roads, transport, hospitals, educational institutions, parks and sewerage system from their leadership should seek the authority and resources to create and operate such departments and affairs by themselves which is their constitutional right.

We are striving for a system which devolve power and resources to the streets from Karachi to Kashmir. If education and transport are not provided in schools at UC level, the people of respected areas should have the power to hold the local body representatives accountable because when the people have the power, they can hold their own representatives accountable.

Now the rulers have to give powers and resources to all the villages and goths of Pakistan. The rulers will have to share power because this is not a local issue, this is a national security issue. Allah has bestowed us with voice and vision that have inspired hearts of all. There was a big representation of all ethnic groups ​​in our recent protest venue and PSP is a ray of hope for the people. He expressed these views while addressing the participants of the General Workers’ convention held outside Pakistan House. PSP President Anis Kaim Khani, Central Executive Committee and National Council officials were also present on the occasion.

He further said that PPP Sindh government has been keeping Sindh money with it since 18th amendment. The Chief Minister is in charge of parks, dispensaries, road repairs, gutter lines and transport. The provincial government is not giving down 56% of the money it receive from the federation. The federation has to repay the loans out of 44%. It has to run army and all the foreign offices while the provinces do not have these problems. The chief ministers are considering the money they received in the NFC award as their personal dynasty.
Sindh government gets 27% of the 56% devisible pool every year which is Rs.1000 billion, Rs.200 billion they earn from Karachi through taxes. The annual revenue of the Sindh government is Rs. 1200 billion. The Chief Minister is spending these 1200 billion alone, not transferring resources down to street level. We held a sit-in for 18 days on local government issues in 2017. We put forward 16 points for the empowerment of local government. At that time people used to make fun of us on these things, yesterday those who were making fun of us, today they are trying to get credit for doing the same thing. He said that today all the political parties of Pakistan are taking U-turn, some more and some less, the people of opposition are meeting the government. This is also a U-turn, but we still stand by what the PSP said on the day one. There is no U-turn in our policy and every word we say is proved true by our Lord. Speaking on the occasion, Senior Vice Chairman Ashfaq Mangi said that PSP is a movement that lives among the people. If our demands were not met, then there would be Dama Dam mast Qalandar. Vice Chairman Shabbir Qaim Khani said that it was the achievement of Mustafa Kamal that our demands got accepted peacefully. He said that PSPs believe in humanitarian service and that is why People from all colors and races are joining PSP, today. On the occasion, Central Secretary Information and Broadcasting Aasia Ishaque felicitated the workers on staging a powerful dharna and said that the PSP was striving to bring powers and resources to the doorsteps of the people.
*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party*