Press Release
Karachi, February 26: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman  Syed Mustafa Kamal on Saturday said that no change could take place in the country unless the powers and resources were devolved to UC level. While MQM is unable to even cover a single gutter, it makes tall claims of creating a new province. Youngsters have to understand that when the so-called father of muhajirs can kill Imran Farooq, the back bone of MQM, who had been running the party for 35 years; you don’t even matter to MQM Quaid.
If the MQM leadership do not own party founder, they must leave the party, its flag and symbol. The MQM will never do it because dying Muhajir, Missing Muhajir, Unemployed, Homeless muhajir trapped in Quota System, suits politicians who play ethenic politics in the name of Mohajir.
I pay tribute to the workers for the successful six-day sit-in at fawarah chowk. The purpose of the sit-in is to transfer power and resources to the people from Karachi to Kashmore. He deplored that powers have been restricted at Chief Minister’s House since the enactment of 18th Amendment. The Sindh Chief Minister is in charge of Rs 1,200 billion but don’t devolve powers and resources to the UC level. Allah has given us 80% success, Sindh government has accepted 80% of our demands. We didn’t ended the sit in, we simply postponed the protest. We are examining how much action was taken on what was agreed upon. Pakistan needs three constitutional amendments. Just as the provinces get money from the federation, so the money from the provinces must goes to the lower level. The entire chapter of the LG system should be written in the constitution.
As long as there is no local government system, elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies should not be held. These 3 points should be written in the constitution.
Though in power for more then 40 years, MQM never put forward these 3 constitutional amendments before the government because a satisfied muhajir will hurt the evil ambitions and designs of RAW , MQM founder is seeking help from Modi. He calls the Indian dead army men as martyr. He is leveling allegations against the head of Pakistan’s institutions heads because he wants shohada graveyard to be filled with coffins of muhajir youth.
Azeem Ahmed Tariq was the chairman who got killed, Imran Farooq was the backbone of MQM. A confessional statement submitted to Scotland Yard in 2012 proved that the MQM receives funding from RAW. It contained the minutes of the meeting which the Quaid-e-Tehreek did with four officials of RAW. The Quaid-e-Tehreek recorded his statement regarding the RAW meeting for three days. Quaid-e-Tehreek briefed Rehman Malik that he has been taking money from RAW for 22 years, and requested him to protect him. It was said that if anything happened to the Bhai, democracy would be derailed and bloodbath will take place.
PPP introduced Local Government Ordinance In 2013, Farooq Sattar handed over 80% of the local bodies powers to Qaim Ali Shah, the then chief minister of Sindh, While he himself remained a minister till November 2014. MQM retained slot of the governorship till 2016 and quietly handed over the powers to PPP. Despite ruling for 40 years, clean drinking water is not available today and people are deprived of basic amenities. Forty years ago, Hyderabad and Karachi were much better. He expressed these views while addressing a General Workers’ convention in Hyderabad. He further said that during the last 13 years PPP government of Sindh has spent Rs. 11,000 billion, but 49,000 schools are ghosts, earlier teachers were ghosts, now schools have become ghosts.
Innocent women and children were shot dead in the same pakka fort during PPP era. The extrajudicial killing filled the entire Martyrs’ Cemetery. MQM signed an agreement with the same PPP in 2008, and pledged to live and die together. In 2008, the wife of MQM founder sought divorce, and eventually we were called to London, and when we reached London we came to know that the same PPP Chairman Zardari was also asked for help.
Zardari sent two PPP federal ministers to London Rehman Malik and Farooq H Naik who had arrived there before us. He had in his hand the document submitted by the wife of the so-called father of the muhajirs, These documents had everything documented from bedroom to his private and public life. When we read that paper, the earth slipped from our feet.
We suggested an out-of-court settlement as we were loyal to the cause. The two federal ministers of the PPP took the whole record with them. These papers contained sensational content and so dangerous that every line could become headline on media. Imran Farooq was killed in London, he was not killed by PPP. neither by ANP nor by agencies but, the leader of the  Quaid-e- Tehreek did it. What kind of party is this. An individual has been killing innocent party fellows by his own hands who had been his close aids for  35 years.
Kamal said “I spent only 300 billion in my mayorship period and Karachi became one of the fastest growing cities. I established a network of flyovers, underpass, parks and schools. He said that there is no party in Sindh today which is not talking about local government. We were talking about this six years ago, We also protested in 2017. The Sindh government not be nly arrested us but we were brutally manhandled by police.
The 16 points we had presented five years ago are what all parties are saying today. There is no other option now, except PSP, he concluded.

*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party*