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Karachi, March 4: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday said that PSP within just six years of its establishment stands at its strongest position and it has emerged as the one of the most popular political force amongst the masses from Karachi to Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

PSP will not let anyone mislead the youth of Pakistan. Politicians who do politics under the garb of muhajirs are actually the enemies of immigrants. Today, those who have avoided meeting the families of the missing persons are urging youths to take up arms.
Those who pushed muhajirs to the brink of death under the guise of rights are today portraying themselves as muhajirs saviours. Anyone who has not made any sacrifices for the muhajirs cannot issue us a certificate of treason. Azeem Ahmad Tariq, Imran Farooq and others got murdered by the so-called father of the Muhajirs. The question is, if someone else had committed these murders, would there have been silence on this matter?

PPP chief Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto implemented quota system in Sindh. The MQM, which was formed in 1984 against the quota system, won 11 elections from 1984 to 2016, maintained  unity in its ranks for 32 years, but 25,000 muhajirs lost their lives, yet no protest was organized by MQM against the quota system. The muhajirs did not get jobs, education, health not even drinking water.

Qadir Magsi killed more than 300 muhajirs but no protest was recorded. The Red fort was besieged, and after a week, when the women came out carrying the Qur’an on their heads, they were martyred along with their children. Self proclaimed Muhajir saviours created their own ministries and estates by bargaining the blood of the muhajirs. The nation does not need to take up arms but to snatch power from the wicked rulers
The PSP will abolish the forces of evil through the electoral process within the ambit of the Constitution. When there is peace and capable people in government offices then there will be availability of clean water, transport, education, health. Street crime is on the rampage because there is no one to stop it, many in the police force collaborate with criminals. Water worth hundreds of billions of rupees is being stolen and sold to the people. If Pak Sarzameen Party workers are in these government offices, they will ensure that no one can do corruption. PSP will demonstrate its strength on March 27 at Tanki Ground, Liaquatabad.

He expressed these views while addressing the participants of Thanksgiving and Commitment Day under PSP. “On March 3, when Anis KaimKhani and I came back to the country, the sobbing and crying mothers, sisters daughters, Elderly parents came to us and sought help for the recovery of their missing sons. The office bearers of MQM were not ready to even own and acknowledge the same missing persons who took arms on the direction of same office bearers. I prayed to Allah for help in the nights that I have no strength, help me to recover these missing boys. Bringing back a missing person, reuniting parents with children and reuniting children with fathers, and wives with their  husbands is our greatest achievement.

*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party*