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Karachi, March 12:
Syed Mustafa Kamal, Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal while expressing deep concern over the rising inflation rate in the country to 16.49%, said that the current ploy of overthrowing and saving the government in Pakistan will have  no effect on the people.

The Country is running on auto. Whosoever has the capability to plunder common man, he is doing so. Rising inflation, record-breaking unemployment and a biased police system due to incompetent, corrupt rulers and misguided policies have pushed the poor and especially the white collar middle class to the brink of death.
Educated youth are forced to commit suicide, Hunger and poverty have made street crimes, robberies, abuse of women and children and targeted killings have become so common that the dignity of the people is neither preserved in the homes nor the lives and property on the streets. India has not only fired missile in view of the ongoing maneuver to overthrow and rescuing the government in Pakistan but has also reactivated its sleeper cells across the country. The sharp rise in commodity prices has pushed the country to the brink of civil war. He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of members of Central Executive Committee, National Council and District Incharges and Central Departments of Karachi.

The tragedy of Pakistan is that no political party in the parliament has any concern for the common man. The rulers and the opposition in the National and Provincial Assemblies have inflicted severe political and economic instability on the country which is a poison for the security and sovereignty of any country.
Under the current troubled system, Pakistan can no longer function under such situation. Persistence in running the country further under this rotten system is causing irreparable damage to Pakistan.

The nation has taken all sort of experiments, there is no other option but PSP. The meeting also reviewed the preparations for the March 27 Tanki Ground jalsa and the public coordination campaign in connection with the sixth founding day of the PSP.

*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party*