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Mustafa Kamal advises Imran to not use ‘trump card’

Mustafa Kamal advises Imran to not use ‘trump card’

Press Release
KARACHI, March 24: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Thursday said that MQM is an “on sale” commodity, Whosoever offer the highest bid will go with them.

Prime Minister Imran Khan must never try to use the “Ace trump card”, because it will definitely fireback, and eventually will be used against him.
The net loss of this country is that there is no leader in the government and opposition, all of them are politicians who only care about winning the next election while the leader cares about building the upcoming generations. Imran Khan calls PML-N and PPP corrupt but does not call MQM corrupt.
In a bit to compete against Shahbaz Sharif governance, Imran Khan has struck himself on the foot by appointing Usman Bazdar as Chief Minister.

Imran Khan must not make no-confidence motion a matter of life and death. Life and politics are not coming to an end, rather he should dwell among the people by correcting his shortcomings. Imran Khan must also cease his self righteous attitude. All his actions are against his words. Imran Khan should realize the fact that not everyone is bad. The gimmick being played to overthrow and save the government is making us laughing stock all over the world. Our Parliament has become a model of hypocrisy, selfishness, corruption and immorality.
The role of the opposition was taken up by the government. The government will not get flowers in response to the politics of abuse and accusations. Forget about any dialogue between the Prime Minister with the opposition, he don’t even bother for a Salam and Dua in the Parliament. Relations with Pakistan’s neighbors were already strained and now the internal affairs have deteriorated too.
Imran Khan campaigned against corruption in the country but he could not do so because he started manipulating these corrupt people to run the affair of his government. Corruption will not cease until new people are given a chance. NAB arrested people for corruption but today, they are all sitting at home with NAB’s clean chit because Imran Khan gave clean chits to Asif Zardari to save his government. He called the corrupt and filthy people of MQM as Nafees, who have turned their backs on him today. Wrath of God, MQM’s Federal Minister for IT says that IT revolution has come in this government, millions of jobs are coming and two hours later, forgetting this IT revolution, he sat on the lap of PPP making open conspiracies against his own federal government. This style of politics has tarnished the dignity of the Today MQM is dreaming of more ministries in the new government by manipulating muhajir mandate for their personal perks and privileges. The ugly face of the MQM has been exposed to the public.
Inshallah, this will be the last lovestory between PPP and MQM. The people will never fall into their traps again. Imran Khan could not fulfill any of the promises he made to the people before forming the government. I was the mayor of only one city, I complete the projects first then people used to testify themselves about my projects and only then then I made speech, but Imran Khan made tall claims first, which all proved to be false. He must stop blaming others for his failures, Imran Khan must correct his mistakes and try to get votes again. We had completed the preparations for the March 27,  grand public jalsa at Tanki Ground, but on March 25, political maneuvering will begin in the Parliament. Keeping in mind that all the media will be focused on, we have extended the date of the jalsa so that it can be fully publicized. He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Pakistan House. President PSP Anis Kaim Khani and other key officials were also present on the occasion.

He further added that the political situation in Pakistan is changing rapidly. It seems that the blood of the rulers is different and the blood of the people is different. We have rejected all perks and privileges, and left them for the sake of our people.
The 11 party alliance of PDM could not fill the Jinnah ground with public but PSP did alone. In Sindh, Imran Khan’s only fault is that he did not save us from PPP. We have been devastated by PPP, that’s why we did not become part of the PDM.

*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party*