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Imran building wrong narrative about his ouster, says Kamal

Imran building wrong narrative about his ouster, says Kamal

Press Release
Karachi, April 20: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday said that Imran Khan’s government was just for a mere transfer posting move.
Imran Khan made fun of the the state of Madinah by making empty claims of Amar bil maroof, the Allah’s command and His Beloved Muhammad’s PBUH Riyasat e Madina.
The state of Madinah is not the name of a piece of land but the name of the character of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. He used to forgive the stone-throwers despite having the option of crushing them in between mountains, visiting those who were laying thrones in his way. Riyasat Madiana is the name of converting the mountain of Uhad into the gold, and distributing among the needy.

Imran Khan made an immoral video from characterless DG NAB and leaked it on the channel of his close associate and made cases against his opponents and got decisions according to his will, and now when his own case is being opened, the says “my gifts, my choice,”
Pharaoh and Yazid too used to have people in great number in their support, but that does not made them right, we would never stop speaking the truth.
The gathering with Imran Khan is not in his love but rather in the hatred of PML-N, PPP and MQM. From Imran Khan’s statements, it seems as if by being born in Pakistan has done a favor to the nation. If he had a face like Jaye Sureya, we would have seen as how many people would be behind him.
Thank God the courts are opening late at night. This is a great revolution. Former prime ministers did not get that much respite. Even very small mistakes led the army to topple the system in past.
When Imran Khan returned from a tour of the United States, it was as if he had won the second World Cup. He briefed US President Donald Trump about his services to USA. Shortly afterwards, when India forcibly occupied Kashmir at the behest of the US, the world shook that the two nuclear powers were facing each other. But then-Prime Minister Imran Khan did not take any action against India but he  blocked his own country’s traffic for half an hour at 12 noon, and that too on Friday. Imran Khan is laying the rubble of his incompetence on the institutions.
“As soon as the institutions decided to stand with the constitution, he stood against the institutions. Where was Imran Khan’s command of amar bil maroof when these institutions were forming his fake government by crushing all his opponents?”
Shameful trends are being run against the judiciary and the armed forces of Pakistan. Institutions have damage their reputation and credibility in rescuing Imran Khan’s government and now when they decided to stand by the constitution, it’s no longer could be digested by Imran Khan and his fans. Immediate new elections are the solution to Pakistan’s current dilemmas. Country flags and passports are being burned. It is as if the one who is with PTI stands on the Amar bil maroof, but one who is not, he is a sinner and a traitor. If the Amar bil maroof is to be enforced without knowing it, then listen, 700 times in Quran Muslims are asked to offer prayers, but as the head of state, he never once asked the people to pray. On the Day of Judgment, there will be no question and answer from Imran Khan on disqualification of Nawaz Sharif but on non-establishment of prayers.
He expressed his surprise on the role of religious cholars  that no one came forward against this interpretation of Imran Khan’s Amr Bil Maroof. As to why Imran Khan talking about the state of Madinah while living in Bani Gala worth billions of rupees. Does Imran Khan know what it is like to travel on the roof of a bus? How would he feel if he didn’t get a dog bite vaccine?How the family of person feels who committed suicide because of joblessness. 2018 Elections were not transparent. The PTI had the full support of the Establishment. PSP was the most affected party. We were winning before the RTS system collapsed. The movers and shakers did not know that Imran Khan would not like to meet even the Leader of the Opposition.
Failure to speak to the Leader of the Opposition created a constitutional crisis in the country. When we were saying that MQM is party on sale,  then Imran Khan was saying that there are Nafees people. Today they are calling MQM with bad name. Khan also took a U-Turn on  Justice Faiz Isa case. Who knows he might will take another U-turn on notorious diplomatic letter. Imran Khan had the opportunity to introduce reforms in 3.5 years. If a better system of local government had been introduced, millions of public representatives would have been elected across the country. If out of thousands, few people came into national politics, the dynastic politics would be completely eliminated from the country. On the contrary, more than 50,000 elected representatives of Punjab were sent home with mere one signature.
The incompetent government changed the finance ministers four times, did the United States change them? Was it USA which in Punjab made Buzdar Chief Minister in competition with Shahbaz Sharif? Notices were issued to Aleem Khan just before Bazdar was about became the Chief Minister. A person who is not sincere to his wife, friends and companions can never be sincere to anyone else. Nothing was done when Nazim Jokhio’s family was moving from door to posts for justice. PTI remembered justice only when the assassins of Nazim Jokhio came to the parliament to vote, but if the same member of the National Assembly had joined the PTI, the matter would have been settled. PSP will stand by the truth.
He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Pakistan House. Party President Anis Kaim Khani and members of Central Executive Committee and National Council were also present on the occasion. Syed Mustafa Kamal further said that during PTI government, MQM ministers were holding meetings with Asif Ali Zardari in the name of muhajirs to overthrow the government. These are not the values ​​of the muhajirs. If the MQM had enjoyed the ministries till the last hour, then they should not have left Imran Khan.  If Imran Khan’s replacement was PPP and MQM, then we would have stood by Imran Khan.
We had already said that Asif Ali Zardari is running Imran Khan’s government. As soon as the PML-N and PPP united, the PTI government fell. In Sindh, two villages were burnt down and inhumane scenes were witnessed. As long as there is PPP in Sindh, such villages will continue to face infernos. He said that Imran Khan used to go to Punjab every week. He used to come to Karachi for a few hours in months. Census was approved but not a single inch of development worked conducted in Karachi.
BRT was already built but it took 3.5 years to bring buses. The only solution to Karachi’s problems is Karachi’s national party. Karachi’s mandate should go to the national party, not on ethnic grounds. If we have a mandate, we will take authority for the people of Karachi according to our mandate.

Three constitutional amendments are essential for running Pakistan. Firstly, Like Prime Minister and Chief Minister, the powers and departments of the mayor should also be enshrined in the constitution. The method of receiving money from the federation to the district should be formulated in the constitution. Elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies should be made conditional on local elections, Khan concluded.

*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party *