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Kamal questions need of fake elections

Kamal questions need of fake elections

Press Release
KARCHI, June 28: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Tuesday questioned over the transparency of Sindh local government elections, and said the provincial government should appoint its blue eyed workers on a key slot, instead of wasting the hard-earned money of the poor people of the province on election.
The Election Commission, provincial administration, and the police act as personal employees of the PPP.
All the officers of the police and administration not only continued to create severe difficulties for the opposition candidates but also were busy in stamping ballot papers to prove their loyalty to the PPP during their duty. While during the by-elections of NA-240, we were attacked, Our worker was martyred but this political police has not reached the spot till date. The recent by-elections have proved that the PPP has made Sindh its personal dynasty.
PPP in Sindh is more dangerous than Modi for Pakistan. I ask the Pakistan Army Chief, Chief Justice as to how long PPP will be given clean chit in the name of reconciliation and it will continue to perpetuate barbarism in Sindh.
Interest-based banking is an open war against Allah and the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The rulers of Pakistan who cannot fight India but they are ready to fight Allah and His beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
“I am warning that fighting Allah and His Messenger Muhammad will never improve any situation of the country.” Everything will come to an end. The Muhajir nation does not need enemies, they have been devastated by their own people. I ask the MQM to leave the government and come out to save this city and its people, fight elections in their own name and party, we will fight in our own name and identity.
I have been saying for years that the state should restrain PPP and not allow a separate law to run in the style of an independent state in Sindh.
If the Election Commission and the police were slaves of PPP, where were the other law enforcement agencies and what were they doing?
Youth is getting frustrated with the continued abuses. If they take up arms, all the institutions will remember the constitution and the law and come to arrest them.
Now who will stop these PPP ministers who are turning the youth of Sindh into tomorrow’s terrorists. Who should we call for help and should we go to the United Nations, he questioned.

Today the MQM in protest but the real reason for today’s grim situation started in 2008 when Asif Zardari visited Nine Zero and Farooq Sattar handed over the local bodies rights to Zardari after exchange of caps.
The Muhajir nation does not need enemies, they have been destroyed by their own people, yet they ask for votes in their own muhajir identity.
The state institutions must clear their position whether they can do anything for the people of Sindh or the people should do something for themselves.
Apart from the Sindh Police, no other law enforcement agency was seen during the recent election.
When it was known that the worst fraud in Sindh would be carried out under the auspices of the police, why other law enforcement agencies did not become active?

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Pakistan House. Party President Anis Kaim Khani and other central leaders were also present on the occasion.
Syed Mustafa Kamal added that our representatives won from Jacobabad but he was later declared as defeated. Our candidate Zaheer Jhakrani was forcibly defeated. When he caught police stamping the ballot papers in favour of PPP, the police tortured him. Here prevails the law of the jungle, it seems that PPP has become the compulsion of those who run Pakistan.
Zardari is currently a kingmaker who can do whatever he wants. It seems that now the same bogus elections will be held in Hyderabad and Karachi in the same way as in the first phase of local body elections. Now a blue eyed of Zardari will become the mayor of rural area from Hyderabad. He will be doing whatever he wants but we will not let this to happen now onwards. For the youth of Karachi, the provincial government has left job of food panda.
Not all Sindhis in Sindh are with the PPP. PPP does not allow anyone to come forward with its politics of rigging and intimidation. The worst rigging and terrorism took place in the NA-240 by-election but all institutions are unmoved.
During the scorching heat in Karachi, 16-hour power outages continues, drinking water is cut off and every party is busy in lubricating their own government and politics .
The PSP stands by the landmark judgement of Federal Shariat Court to convert all conventional banking into riba free financial system by 2027. He called for an interest free financial system in the country. Kamal expressed his dismay over the banks who have challenged the FSC ruling into the Supreme Court. These conscienceless people are going against the decision of Sharia court.

Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party