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Kamal slams UN for keeping mum over Indian atrocities in IOK.

Kamal slams UN for keeping mum over Indian atrocities in IOK.

KARACHI, January 4, 2020: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Monday raised finger at the biased role of the international community, particularly the UNO for keeping mum over the Indian atrocities in Kashmir.


A year has passed since the Modi regime imposed lockdown on Kashmiri Muslims, while the United Nations’ role has been not more than of a silent spectator, leaving hundreds of thousands of people at the mercy of Indian brutal army.


All kinds of inhumane atrocities against women, children and the elderly individuals are going on in Kashmir. India is stubbornly flouting international law while on the other hand the international community is more concerned with its business.


On the one hand, Kashmiris are burying their martyred youth wrapped in the flag of Pakistan, on the other hand, the Pakistani government is only morally supporting Kashmiris, thinking that by doing so its duty has been fulfilled.


The time has come to go beyond moral and verbal support of Kashmiris and help in practical ways. Pakistan will no longer tolerate Indian aggression and will retaliate.


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s question in Parliament whether to begin war with India was absolutely inappropriate, Kamal said that Kashmir is part of Pakistan and if someone is inflicting atrocities on Pakistanis by force of arms, we must begin war.


He said PSP has fought the war of independence of Kashmir in Karachi. The party since its formation back in 2016 has thwarted the Indian conspiracy by uniting brothers to brothers. Whenever the freedom Movement was intensified in Kashmir, the Indian agents used to create law and order in Karachi by waging blood shed. However PSP has thwarted their nefarious designs. That is why we believe in practical action in addition to the moral and diplomatic support of the Kashmiri freedom Movement.


He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of members of the Central Executive Committee and National Council at Pakistan House on the one-year anniversary of the Indian-imposed curfew on Kashmir.


The meeting was also attended by party president Anis Kaim Khani, members of the Central Executive Committee and National Council and those in charge of central departments.


Syed Mustafa Kamal further said that our hearts beat with Kashmiris, we paid a detailed visit to parts of Kashmir from Karachi to tell our brothers that the people of Sindh value the sacrifices of Kashmiris and stand by their side.