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LG system is the soul of democracy, it must be empowered: Kamal

LG system is the soul of democracy, it must be empowered: Kamal

Karachi, January 28: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Thursday said that local government system is the true spirit and first tier of democracy but the ironically on one hand, the incompetent, corrupt  and self proclaimed champions of democracy took away the very soul from the body of democracy, while on the other hand, the right to life has been taken away from the people by approving the controversial census.

The nation has now lost faith in the institutions as well after being utterly disappointed by the ruling and opposition, this situation is worrisome. The census is a matter of survival for generations of the people of Karachi and PSP is ready to go to any lengths on the controversial census issue. PSP is the only political party taking up genuine public issues.

PSP will not leave the oppressed people of Pakistan alone like the present and previous rulers. He expressed these views while presiding over an important meeting of the Central Executive Committee and National Council of the party at Pakistan House, here in Karachi.

The meeting discussed in detail the current political situation in Pakistan and the future course of action against the approval of the census. It was decided in the meeting that PSP stands with the employees who were forcibly dismissed from the government’s own institutions.

Kamal further said that the government should let the controversial census remain controversial and local bodies elections should be held in the light of the previous census so that some problems of the people could be solved.

The meeting expressed grave concern over the report of Transparency International on the rise of corruption in the country.