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Pak SarZameen Party organizes the Gatherings, Protests and Rallies on Kashmir Solidarity Day

Pak SarZameen Party organizes the Gatherings, Protests and Rallies on Kashmir Solidarity Day

KARACHI, February 5, 2021: On the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day, gatherings, protests and rallies were organized at home and abroad under the auspices of Pak Sarzameen Party as an expression of solidarity with the suppressed Indian Occupied Kashmiri Muslims and to support their just Freedom, and self-determination Movement under the UN resolutions.
The main gathering of Kashmir Solidarity Day was held at PSP Central Secretariat – Pakistan House Karachi, which was attended by a large number of party workers especially the Kashmir’s living in the port city. The party Senior Vice Chairman Ashfaq Mangi, Secretary General Hassan Sabir and other office bearers of the Central Executive Committee and the National Council were also present, and addressed the event.
The event participants chanted slogans against Indian atrocities and in favor of Kashmir freedom movement. “Kashmir will become Pakistan” “Long Live Pakistan,” they said.

Demonstrators expressed solidarity with the oppressed Kashmir’s and strongly condemned the Indian atrocities, with holding banners and placards against the Indian government.

PSP Senior Vice Chairman Ashfaq Mangi said that PSP was the only front line political party in Pakistan fighting on ground for the independence of Kashmir, and defense of Pakistan.

PSP is playing with its lives to strengthen the Kashmir Independence Movement in Karachi. The people of Kashmir wave the flag of Pakistan and raise slogans in favor of Pakistan and bury their martyrs wrapped in our national flag. India is punishing Kashmir’s for their love for Pakistan and Islam.

The party’s Secretary General Advocate Hassan Sabir said that the Allah almighty has sent corona virus as punishment for the world community for maintaining criminal silence on Kashmir lock-down, and gross human right violations by the Indian forces.

“The Pakistan Army consists of 230 million people. Let the rulers decide what to do. Inshallah this year will be the year of Kashmir’s freedom, our government is playing a tournament of words, Kashmir’s have not got anything so far, the United Nations has completely failed to resolve the Kashmir issue.”

He said that we are with Kashmir’s not only on February 5 but also 365 days of the year. The condition of occupied Kashmir is beyond explanations.

PSP’s Vice Chairman and Caretaker Kashmir Committee Dr. Arshad Abdullah Vohra said that PSP workers and Pakistani people are with Kashmir’s, and Kashmir will get freedom due to their hard work and sacrifices, however he said that performance of Pakistani rulers was disappointing,

Millions of people have been martyred in 72 years, the hearts of Pakistanis are beating with Kashmir’s

He said that Mustafa Kamal eliminated the RAW agents from Karachi. In Karachi, RAW agents used to kill 20 people every day.

A protest rally in connection with the Kashmir Solidarity Day was also organized by party’s Punjab Chapter in Lahore. Addressing the rally, Central Punjab President Barrister Mukhtar said that every child of Pakistan is with the struggle of Kashmir’s.

PSP Hyderabad Division, led by President Nadeem Qazi, held a grand rally from Latifabad Unit No. 6 Pakistan House to Press Club to express solidarity with Kashmir’s. In which a large number of PSP officials and workers participated.

Similarly a rally was held in Samaru city district Umerkot to show solidarity with Kashmir’s. PSP District Umerkot President Bilal Jan along with Rizwan Attari, Mohsin Khaskheli and other officials also participated.

PSP’s Vice Chairman Shabbir Ahmad Kaim Khani visited the Kashmir Solidarity Day camp set up at Post Office Chowk by Chamber of Commerce and Anjuman-e-Tajiran Mirpur Khas along with other business leaders.

He said that Modi and India should know that Kashmir will be free soon. Kashmir’s competed with India in Kashmir while Pak competed with Indian agents in Karachi PSP Mirpur Khas Division and District officials were also present on the occasion. In addition, rallies were held in Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Sahiwal, Larkana, Pishin and Hub in solidarity with the people of Kashmir under PSP.