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the problem of the industrialist community was corruption at the government level and difficulties in setting up and running industries.Syed Mustafa Kamal

the problem of the industrialist community was corruption at the government level and difficulties in setting up and running industries.Syed Mustafa Kamal


Press Release
Karachi, February 12: Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Saturday said that the problem of the industrialist community was corruption at the government level and difficulties in setting up and running industries.
Only the three constitutional amendments proposed by the PSP can save Pakistan from corruption and terrorism.
Pakistan’s industrial community has done all the experiments, now there is no other option but PSP to fix Pakistan’s chronic issues.
The longer the industrialists and the people take time to stand shoulder to shoulder with PSP, the more they and Pakistan will suffer. The way Pakistan is being run after the 18th Amendment has brought Pakistan to a standstill.
Administratively and financially, the country was unable to function after the 18th Amendment. The provincial rulers have to understand that if the fruits of the 18th Amendment do not reach the people then the 18th Amendment will be rolled back from the provinces. The powers vested in the provinces by the 18th Amendment have not been devolved to the lower level. If the Sindh government does not create a system to transfer Rs. 1200 billion then we’ll proceed with sit ins at 12 different places of Karachi. Three amendments to the Constitution of Pakistan are urgently needed.
In which the share of NFC through PSC award should be transferred directly to the district by the provincial government. Under Article 140A, the powers of local government and subordinate departments should not only be included in the Constitution of Pakistan but their powers should be clearly written in the style of federal and provincial governments, so that no Chief Minister can interpret the Constitution as he desire. Through the third Amendment, local body elections should be made conditional on elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies so that democracy can be implemented in its spirit.
Workers and sympathizers of all political parties of Pakistan and especially of the ruling parties must not demand water, roads, transport, hospitals, educational institutions, parks and sewerage systems from their leadership, rather they must demand the authority and resources to build and operate all these. We have to bring power to the streets from Karachi to Kashmore so that a sense of participation and ownership arise in public. If education and transport are not provided in schools up to UC level, the people of the respected constituencies should have the power to hold the local government representatives accountable. When the people have the power, they can hold their own representative accountable. He said that NAB has not arrested any corruption till date, if powers and resources are devolved to UC level then accountability will take place in the street level.

These views were expressed by Syed Mustafa Kamal while addressing an auspicious interactive session followed by dinner given in his honor by the industrialist community of Karachi. He further said that the provinces are not giving 56% money they receive from the federation. The federation has to repay 44% in the loans, run the army while the provinces do not have these problems. The chief ministers consider the money received in the NFC award as his personal dynasty.
Sindh gets 27% of 56% divisible pool.The Chief Minister of Sindh gets Rs.1000 billion every year, Rs.200 billion he earns from Karachi through taxes. Rs.1200 billion is the annual revenue of Sindh government.
The Chief Minister is spending these Rs 1200 billion, and is not transferring resources to lower level. He said that during last 13 years PPP has spent Rs. 2300 billion on education alone, today there are thousands of ghost schools and millions of ghost teachers in Sindh, as per reports by all international agencies.
Instead of opening new educational institutions, government schools are being closed, government school buildings in Sindh are being given on contract to welfare institutions. No.additional drinking water line has been installed in Sindh in the last 13 years.

*Central Information Department Pak Sarzameen Party*